Monday, 21 July 2014

Do not make these mistakes in your application

Always avoid these mistakes in an application.

1.       Don’t exaggerate: B Schools place a premium on integrity, honesty and genuine accomplishments. People who will be judging your essays will usually be Professors or alumni.
These are people who have worked very hard and who recognize the importance of merit. They also abhor intellectual dishonesty. So while you would be tempted to embellish your application, do not overdo it. It never pays in long run.
2.       Don’t submit additional essays or recos (Error of commission):
Your applications will be analyzed by genuinely busy people. They already have a rather bleak view of application essays. There is no point in submitting an “additional essay” just for the sake of it. So stick to the word limit of an essay and submit the bare minimum. It reflects poorly on your application when you submit 700 words for a 500 word essay.
3.       Error of Omission: (Don’t ignore a question)
Submit correct explanation against each question / query indicated in Application or asked by admission’s office. In this case silence will harm you and incorrect facts or obfuscation will lead to application rejection.
4.       Grammatical & spelling mistakes should be strictly avoided. 
5.       Giving repeated calls to admission office:
Don’t’s call Admission’s office too often: Do not feel that by giving repeated calls to admission office, you will serve your case better. In case you have a genuine query do ask. Repeated follow-up shows desperation and it actually hurts your appeal.

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