Saturday, 21 September 2013

How Admission Consultant can help?

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 How Admission Consultants can help?

  1. A Consultant utilizes his/her experience to highlight unique aspects of the profile of an applicant. 
  2. Often applicants are not able to assess the true potential of certain achievements. On the other hand, they tend to over-rate some other achievements.An admission consultant views the achievements in a objective manner. He/she can guide the applicant to select those achievements that make the application stronger.
  3. An admission consultant often acts as a sounding board. One can reflect one's thoughts and ideas and get a professional opinion.
  4. With a professional consultant, one also gains a mentor cum coach. Such a consultant motivates the student and also nudges the student to remain on course. Our students have often indicated that this is one of the key benefits that they obtained from our association.  
  5. The key advantage with our group is that the key members themselves guide students. Every team member is a B school alumnus and has gone through the admission process himself/ herself.We are aware of the tough competition and the amount of hard-work and commitment required to get admission in a B school.