Tuesday, 20 August 2013

MBA woman Sarpanch - An inspiring story

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Panchayat is a local governing body, that is responsible for developmental work in a village. Its Name "Panchayat" comes from the number "Paanch" meaning Five. Modern day Panchayat is slightly different than its previous avatar (having similar name). Previously Panchayat comprised of five village elders who used to resolve basic issues among villages. These five elders were called "Panch" (rhyming with Punch). The First among Equals was called "Sarpanch" (the Head Panch).

The modern day Panchayats are democratically elected by villagers. In addition the post of Panch / Sarpanch is reserved for women, in some constituencies. So, in that sense women sarpanch are not uncommon in India.
However, Chhavi Rajawat is in a different league altogether.  She has an MBA degree and she voluntarily left her corporate career (with a telecom giant) to work for her village 'Soda' of Tonk district in Rajasthan.

Dainik Bhaskar reports:

" The 33-year-old who represented India at a recent UN poverty summit has a story that reveals the potential of good leadership in making a difference"
Chhavi has been working ever since to bring better water supply, solar power, public toilets to Soda, a village  whose 10,000 constituents are mostly farmers and labourers and are largely untouched by the country's economic boom.
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