Saturday, 24 August 2013

MBA course - Accredition issues

An MBA is an investment. An investment of efforts, time and money. But the very first thing that we would like to advise prospective students is to be very careful about the kind of schools that they select.

There are many Business Schools mushrooming in India and all our viewers should realize that the situation is not much different abroad.

There are many universities abroad that are fake and are only interested in minting money. Unfortunately there are many agents / educations counselors that do not give complete picture to the students. They are aware of the desire to study / visit "abroad".

So be very careful that when you select a university abroad, you select a genuine, bonafide university and you select it for the right reason. There is only one right reason: Desire to learn and upgrade oneself.

Deciding about a University is much more complicated than just looking at the rankings. An MBA is a tough and time consuming investment. Thus, finding a the right university requires patience. It is extremely important to know the reputation of university within that respective country along with the accreditation.

Our Group B School Mentor (BSM), only recommends schools that are duly accredited and vouched by three top B School Rating Agencies: US News, Financial Times, Bloomberg-Business Times.

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