Monday, 12 August 2013

Going beyond the Usual Queries of Pursuing MBA - Looking into Socio-Cultural Issues

The traditional MBA queries are on expected lines: Rankings, Placement, GMAT preparation, Application Rounds, Tuition Fee etc.

However there is another aspect that should be given equal importance in deciding a B School.

This aspect relates to socio-cultural issues.

The first call is - Where to pursue an MBA? In one's own country or abroad?

 It is extremely important to be comfortable in the socio-cultural environment of a place where one is going to spend one year or may be two years. One would rather concentrate on studies & project work than getting bogged down by compatibility issues.

Therefore it is important to know about the social and cultural background of the place where you are visiting. It would also be advisable to get thoroughly acquainted with the general economic scenario of the country.

Another important issue related to immigration policies of a country. One should be well aware of one's status, rights as well as the kind of support one can expect in a country in a crisis (health issues / security issues).

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