Monday, 15 July 2013

Why should one take help in applications?

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This is strictly your call. While it is true that not all students take help, it is also a fact that far too many students have suffered because they didn't take help, when they should have.

Remember few things:

a. Everybody needs support.

b. Know YOURSELF. Are you good at writing essays? Are you confident of your applications? Introspect. Intelligent people realize early that they are not good at something and have to take professional help.

c. Do not think of short term monetary benefit. There is a maxim "Penny wise Pound Foolish". The stakes are too high for you. This is once in a life opportunity. You are investing two years (may be one year) of your prime earning life. You cannot afford to waste a year just because your application was not upto the mark.

d. A committed, hard working student should not be deprived of admission in a B school just because (s)he is not able to highlight his/her achievements.

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