Saturday, 13 July 2013

Why MBA is a good option??

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MBA education is a great value addition and a life changing opportunity.

For a working professional it provides key inputs in areas of HR, Finance, Marketing and Strategy. It is a comprehensive course that provides insight of various industries and sectors.

Most of the top B schools follow Case Study approach, in which best practices or major turning points of top companies are discussed. Some of the cases also deal with a strategy that was not effective. Either way, the cases bring forth an important issue that is deliberated in the class. As the case progresses, students realize that the Professors are building up background for discussion of a key theoretical business concept. Since the concept evolves through the discussion of a live problem, it is appreciated by the class to a much greater extent.

Apart from the insights given by the Professors, the real value addition is obtained from the peer group. Usually the MBA class consists of experienced professionals; and every participants brings his/her own insights about a specific industry sector. this insight is extremely invaluable and often complements the course curriculum.

Countless individuals have used MBA as a stepping stone for switching careers. Professional with an MBA degree are hired at a senior position and are given a faster promotion than their counterparts without such a degree. Basically an MBA education from a B school provides a definite advantage; an advantage that both industry as well as employees recognize. An MBA course is equivalent to learning obtained after 6-7 years of professional experience.

Market recognizes the value addition obtained by an MBA course and the high remuneration commanded by MBAs bears testimony to this fact.

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